antique parts

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Bell 47 B MR & TR gear boxes Franklin engine, wheel gear minor parts ,OH 58 IR Exhausts and minor parts, yoke(NOS) 500 gear dampers friction dampers dangle weights minor other parts FWU ,(C18) MRGB, airframe complete for mock up , H2D and F parts MR hubs, track trimmers ,door glass,IMGBs ,fuel cells, R22 mock up airframe interior parts minor parts Enstrom parts minor for A model 20 grips and spindles as removed and magnafluxed times unknown, M C 4 skin, seats fuel cell doors floors from original certified bird (Classic rotors screwed it up they got the rest) rusty tooling for bell hushes hiller and allison turbines various hangar equipment and special tools ( antique ) too much crap to list located at chino airport e mail me at for listing ( to be made this month) or drop by north of the tower hangar B130 on the east end