Beware of KFUL Fullerton Airport

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I was employed at Fullerton Airport (KFUL) in California with a Helicopter Buyer Seller maintainer long before I was employed at AirCombat USA ,This company was given to his son of the same name by will and trust documents, I started there as a favor of a friend to a friend , I thought I was going to repare one aircraft ,,I was 14 and the facilities at Fullerton airport, I first met the airport Manager during my previous jobs with this helicopter seller maintainer ect-ra a few months before I was given and accepted this favor I was waiting at the north gate to work on a 500, a city car shows up with two persons in side, I was greeted with a very unwelcoming tone and volume. (want do you want, why are you here?) I was thinking "I'm waiting for a train, Asshole." yet I said "I'm waiting for Paul to let me in to do some work ",

Five days before the crash of N16FD I was hired by Air Combat, SkyThrills, and Blackstone airways at Fullerton. We were doing a training flight when we lost N16FD , a flight of two, we landed just as the fire truck came up and taxied behind them to the impacted hangar..I was trained in firefighting and aircraft crash rescue, and what I saw made me go into action to keep these idiots from hurting themselves, in many ways,,,I them found out who was the driver of that car,,the Airport Manager ( not only is he an ass he was a useless ass"professional opinion"? I was not aware there was a animosity building with the airport manage and the new owner of AirCombat USA.

During this time the safety culture was being eroded by those who once worked for AirCombat , those neighbor tenants and this airport manager. It came to a head when the forceful eviction was unlawfully done against AirCombat ..I at this time was still working on the heicopters for Paul. Our flights were to preform trouble shooting maintenace rotor sweetening and making sure the birds were just so....the history of this flight was for track and balance. the weather was hot 114 F the surface winds were usting around 40 MPH were were told by the tower " Helicopter N _____ the airport manage wants you to hover over 20 feet , cause you're blowing bibris around the heli pads." I told the pilot to ignore those instructions and tell the tower no way. the pilot was so intimidated by the airport manager He asaid " I don't want to be in trouble with him" we continued to do our flight and when done we fuel up .. we lit off hovered and I told the pilot don't follow those instructions ,again "I don't want to be evicted" So it happened mid way back to our place,,a compressor stall from a 40 + wing up the tail pipe and a hot I did more maintenace that day and reported the incident to all who would listen..the FAA wanted a witness (the pilot) and the others said out of their jurisdiction ,,later on, I had to endure the musical gate card for a time . including calling the tower to get clearance to cross the runway to get to work this just after moving 35 years of hangar stuff ..I finally turned in my gate card after the owner of Hangar 21 did a draw down pose when I asked him to move his trailer blocking the little hangar SkyThrills had cause of the eviction from the large hangar,where the airport manager accused all of vandalism during the eviction..( standard hangar lease where what you put in is what your take out)those police we called were so happy to get started in towing that trailer ,,until the airport manager came over and the cops went into "it's above my pay grade and we're here to keep the peace", I reported the lack of fire department training and the actions of the airport manager to the open session at the city hall of Fullerton 5 December 2017, I spoke my mind and in the scheduled meeting the owner of AirCombat spoke his mind and so did Hangar 21 the public events company for weddings and parties ( liqueur beer wine and legal dope stuff?) at the end of the meetings I went to exit,,,I was confronted by the police chief and this airport manager , they blocked my egress and invaded the comfort zone with statements I was a liar and so on ,,I told the airport manager " you were recorded on the tower tape" His reply was "the pilot is the final authority " I told him is so many words "if you interfere with any aircraft my friends or I are in I Will Put Your Head In The Dirt,,," I made my way around them and left.. the next day I heard the fire training office retired three days later I get a call claiming to be a Captain with the Fullerton PD " It you don't be quiet I'll have to charge you with terrorist threats" a few months later the police chief was fired for assault on a paramedic.. I had an AD I needed to do and left the paperwork somewhere I asked around the FBO's there and none would even let me take notes , they just said airCombat? go someplace else ( How's that for a safety culture or kind assistance?) Heli Stream who just moved into the old CHP hangar were, are safety cultured and assisting ... I can go to any airport and be assisted ,,,except Fullerton they printed me a copy and I did my work ..I somewhere around that time turned in my gate card ..I was not going to be at Fullerton alone without a witness..and I didn't want an excuce to go back,,I have friends there who were evicted or extorted with eviction some with just using my name... a little later after that there were several crashes at Fullerton one was a Cessina 414 who's N number was 414 RS with mob connections so who is really running that airport??? when too many things happen it is not a coincident and that other person in that car with I first met the manager?? what I found out during the move during eviction? it was the uncle of Mike Backstone kissing up to the manager long before my favor to a friend of a friend ..

My Conclusion after witnessing what happened to me ..would you make Fullerton a stopping place???? I would not would you bet your life on the "safety culture" at Fullerton??? I don't...I know been there

David Hillberg