Black Hawks in the Civil World


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So what are your thoughts about the increasing numbers of UH60s that are coming into the civil world - is it a good thing or a bad thing.

They have been around for a couple of decades and look to be the replacement for the Huey in the utility world.

Your thoughts.
This is a great thing for the civil rotorcraft industry! It's been many years since any rotorcraft manufacturer made a utility helicopter for civil operations with that kind of capacity. The US Government's surplus sales program makes the cost of obtaining one reasonable enough that a company can still be competitive in the market with the platform. If a company had to compete with the K-Max, S-61, or Super Puma and pay full price from Sikorsky, I don't think there could be any business case for the aircraft. The Army took good care of the aircraft, and now the aircraft can take good care of the citizens by providing aerial firefighting, construction, and utility services. There really isn't a downside!