Buckets or Tanks - What Do You Prefer ?

We operate 3 Bell 205A1++ copters with Simplex Tanks. We are dedicated to firefighting and hoist rescue with those helicopters. Many of our fires here in San Diego are around homes and busy freeways, so we prefer the fixed tanks with no chance of accidentally dropping a bucket. With that said, I still enjoy using a bucket on our smaller helicopters as it is quicker to get in and out of the water source. I would not say one is better than the other, it comes down to your mission and what works best for your situation.


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For the dutch chinook’s we use the HL9800 set at 70% ( 7000kg ). We also use a 60ft longline so we can scoop water from ponds, rivers that are surrounded with obstacles suchs as trees etc. In Holland we don’t use tanks.