Do You Have a Drone - If So What Type ??


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Thought it would be interesting to see if members here also have their own drones.

Me - I have two - have both of the Mavic 2's - the Hasselblad one and the Pro Zoom.
I've owned a Mavic Pro since they came out. Such an awesome little thing. The obstacle avoidance has paid for itself. When I first got it, I hadn't set the return to home altitude properly, so if it lost signal, it would fly home at its current height. It tried to fly into a beachhead that it lost signal behind, but the obstacle avoidance did the job.
I was recording at LOS; here's the footage:
DJI Phantom 4, initially got for a quick way to check on stock on the property but used more to monitor "on property" hazard reduction burns and a quick and cheap way to look into the neighbouring national park for wildfire.


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I do not have one yet but I did purchase a couple cheaper drones for my son. I would love to purchase a DJI Phantom 4 for myself in the near future.