Drones and Ag Flying Dont Mix

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This is copied from Airshare from one of their members.

We've recently had a message from one of our members who is a topdressing pilot as well as a drone pilot and wanted to share what he had to say. Below is his message to any drone pilots flying their drones in rural areas where topdressing pilots could be working.

"I fly a drone as well as a topdressing plane. When topdressing we operate down to tree top height. The other day I was topdressing just south of Foxton when I spotted a neighbour launching his drone in my work area. I then spotted the drone at my work height and only 50 meters away from my runs. If I had hit it could have easily killed me. Drones are nearly impossible to see when flying. Please be aware that the dangers are really serious if a topdressing plane is in the area. Members could also ask any farmers they fly around to give them a heads up if they are getting any aerial work done." #dronesafety #topdressingpilots #stayalert