Fall from "rescue vest"- Japan

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Given that its unlikely we'll see an official incident report on this one, anyone care to speculate on how someone can fall out of one of these devices, my thought process looks something like this;

Possibly dynamic rollout, hardware had suffered "D-Ring reversal" and the stop/start at the fuselage caused the final rollout to occur - unlikely as the survivor doesn't appear to be in the device while falling

Rollout of only one side of the device - also unlikely as no "flap" appears to drop down when the survivor falls

Survivor seated too low in the vest - also unlikely as the survivor appears to fall out head first

My best guess is that the legs were put through the arm holes. But interested to hear others thoughts.
I would agree, it most likely appears she fell out of the rescue device. In the second video you can see she is upside-down as she is brought up to the door. Once they stop at the skid she falls head first straight out of the device. Very tragic.