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Hi all!

To get the ball rolling:

Here is the link to wiki:Écureuil

I have a few hours on B3 models doing mostly utility flying - long line too....

As most know - the 350 is quite "nervous" in a hover over solid ground - the airflow around the tail boom is ..... a mess!
It seems this kit is taking care of that (...and more!):

Next for the long-liner - it seems we a split over vertical reference!!
Some do fine with the floor windows, whichever you got - others can't get their head around to it and MUST have the Aussie (or is t a Kiwi....) kit that moves the seat out to the edge. Personally - I prefer the floor window to the awkward stick/pedal/collective situation with the seat kit....

There is a few windows on the market, but the king of them all is definitely this one:

I got a fairly "dynamic" factory instructor type rating on the 350B3 and then reading about what the Aussie Army does with their BAs is quite confidence inspiring when going into turbulence!! Got a a few encounters ... just slowing down and let the machine ride it out.
Also - before it's big fat brother (EC130) was born, Airbus (then Eurocopter) was messing around with the 350!!

I wonder for how much longer it will be on the market!!


Hi mates,

Here in the French Alps we operate the as350 since very long time. We now have a brand new H125, as an engineer I can say that there is many huge technical and operational improvements, the cockpit is far much better, wiring is first class, doors are now weather proof! And yes Swiss rotor solution vertical view changes life in external lift.
The tricky stuff for the pilots is the variable NR according to external load. But they get used to it very easily.
The 350 is far from being buried!
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Question to the knowledgeable:

HOW do I determine "recommended cruise" (Economy Cruise?) with the AS350B3??
Section 4.5 p1 refers to the tables in Section 5.2 of the (Complementary) Flight Manual??

Max Cruise is determined by whatever I get right at the start of the yellow arc on the FLI.

An instructor told me Eco-Cruise is the Tq reading at Max Cruise MINUS 10% (So get yellow on the FLI, read torque, back off 10% on the torque and keep it there - usually around 70-78% around where I am.... )

BUT is there anything in the book that says (or similar) what that instructor says or " ....charts it is!!"
[I am in the process to update and confirm all our manuals - and I can't find that part - if it exists!]



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