HeliOps 2020 Calendar Giveaway

I noticed that in 2006 there was at least one Aircrane NOT from Erikson operating in New South Wales during the Aussie fire season. Anyone know more?
And more importantly. Can I have a calendar please?


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Just remember everyone to qualify for a calendar make sure you read the post about the rules. Its simple - add an avatar to your profile, make a post or two on the forum in one of the other threads and then post on this thread confirming you have done so.
As part of an incentive program to kick start our brand new HeliOps forum we are going to be giving away some of our upcoming 2020 HeliOps calendars. The latest version of the calendar is going to be the best one yet :cool:

Here is what you need to do.

1. Add an avatar to your profile.

2. Add your post to the Who We are and Where are we From thread in the Welcome Section.

3. Make one other post on the forum.

4. Then post back on THIS thread acknowledging that you have met the criteria.

The first 150 members to do this will get themselves a copy of our 2020 HeliOps calendar. This is just our way of saying thankyou for being part of our new forum.

Thanks everyone and please feel free to invite everyone to our new home.

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