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This thread is for all of our members who are involved in the world of aerial fire-fighting. Take a quick minute to add your info to this thread, who are you, where are you from and what do you do.

Always great to see the variety of members here.


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Hi guys,

Chris Daley from down under (as you can see from my avatar ).

I’m in Melbourne and currently preparing for summer and our fire season.

I am an amateur photographer who works full time for a sign company. I am hoping to be able to get out more this year to capture our local and visiting aerial attack assets around Victoria.

I’m looking forward to seeing these forums get more active over the coming days/weeks.

All the best and stay safe.
25 years on the engine in California. Retired and taking photos when I can. Looking forward to sharing and reading the future of aerial fire fighting around the world
Hello everyone, my name is Ben and I’m an Operational Officer for the NSW RFS in Australia. My previous role was to flight follow and complete SAR checks with firefighting aircraft from their base airport to the fire ground. Now my current role is to request aircraft for a when large enough fires start up within my area of jurisdiction and task them according.
Hello all, my name is Mike. I’m currently flying fixed wing for a utility company in Virginia. I plan on retiring in a few years, I’m very interested in flying aerial fire fighting after retirement. I’m glad to be part of the form, to get a sense of how the business works.
I'm flying for the German Federal Police, and we use both our EC155 and Super Pumas for Fire Fighting. Especially this and last year's summers were (for German standards) very busy times...
In addition, I'm also a voluntary fire fighter for my local fire department.
Hi everyone! this is Iker from Spain, did some firefighting in Spain with the AS350B3 with a company called Helitrans Pyrinees. Now flying in the Canary Islands.
Looking forward to see this forum going. Fly safe guys.

Hello all, I’m Jeff Oliver, Director of Safety for Conair Aerial Firefighting in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Service provider to state agencies in Canada, USA and Australia. Looking forward to participating in this forum.
Hi Heliops,
I'm an American born, Canadian raised Advanced Care Paramedic & Rescue Tech living in Squamish, British Columbia. My career in the emergency services has had me fighting structural fires, deployed on rope rescue missions, and providing compassionate care on ambulance and in resorts of the Canadian Rockies & Fitzsimmons mountain ranges. I'm an adventurer who will climb, ski, or sail anywhere.