To Tell or Not To Tell

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In this day and age, this could apply to any operator found in this position.

Highland, in Canada, ceased operations just after Christmas. Doors are closed, machines (lots of LongRangers and AStars) and parts and buildings are all for sale. And yet, their website is still up and operational. When do YOU admit that you're done? DO you post info on your website for the next year, or do you just man up and admit it's over? Would like to hear your thoughts...


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I cant see how it should be allowed as isnt it false advertising. People would contact them thinking they are still in business.

On a side note shame to Highland shut its doors - I knew a few pilots who flew for them.
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I knew a few as well... was a total backdoor.... and it's totally false advertising.... i know some other operators have bought/picked up some the bases.... but come on... be honest and don't false advertise...


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Sort of the same as Heliweb aka Collective magazine. They havent produced an issue in a year or three and yet they still have facebook page, website etc as though they are still there. People hashtag them and tag them and yet they are not even in operation anymore ??. But it doesnt effect us at all just using it as an example.
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it definitely affects us all... this industry is tough enough as it is these days.... i have a mate who just joined a company and now, 2-3 monthe later is the base manager... very proud of him and wish him all the best.... i truly hope that the old statement of "sometimes the pat on the back is NOT just reconnaissance for the knife!!!" You go, brother, and make it all good.... :cool::)