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UH-60 Co-Pilot
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CHANGE: AIS is willing to consider/negotiate a portion of relocation offset or expenses commuting is also a possibility as well. AIS plans to OFFER ABOVE COMPETITIVE compensation and benefits. Please examine the specific requirements carefully. AIS can only accept candidates resumes with qualifications that meet or exceed requirements. If you are a self-motivated individual with proven skills and abilities, we invite you to submit your application soonest. By submitting a resume, you are agreeing to allow AIS to use your resume as a representative sample of the type/quality of pilots AIS is recruiting REGARDLESS WHETHER AIS EXTENDS AND OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT OR NOT.
A UH-60 Pilot must have specific helicopter tactical operational knowledge/experience and have a deep understanding of the specific helicopter systems. The successful candidate will possess a background of thorough training, a substantial number of years piloting the UH-60 helicopter and have operated the system in tactical mission operations, IFR operating conditions, CBN/WMD ground and airborne operations to include proficient use of CBN/WMD flying gear. Pilot, navigate and communicate under various and changing conditions. Operate aircraft in all types of weather conditions during the day and night, and under night-vision systems. Perform various aircraft operations, including: Reconnaissance, Security, Rescue, Air assault, Internal/external load, Paradrop/rappelling operations and Command and control. The successful candidate will perform aerial route, zone and/or area reconnaissance in support of combat operations. Routinely participate in real-time and training operations that include tactical service support operations.
Conduct thorough briefings prior to each training session to provide the training expectations, as well as debriefings and critiques at the end of each training session, to ensure that the student/customer is aware of their performance.
These positions will require a 12 hour on-12 hour off alert posture with a 1.0-hour response time from notification to wheels in the well (this is a zero-tolerance requirement). Successful candidates will be expected to perform additional duty assignments such as scheduling officer, training officer, standardization / evaluation officer, and other additional duty assignments. Additional duty assignment tasks/work will be performed when not actively operating / flying the aircraft. Successful candidates will be required to maintain aircraft knowledge, FAR knowledge, FAA Class I or Class II medical certificates, successfully complete annual training and evaluation requirements and other aviation related activity.
High school diploma or GED.
FAA Commercial and Instrument Airman's Certificate Rotorcraft Helicopter.
FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.
Current FAA Class I or Class II Medical Certificate.
IP/SP - FAA CFI/CFII desired.
500 total rotary wing flight hours including 100 hours of turbine engine time.
Night Vision Goggle (NVG) qualified and 50 hours of NVG experience..
  • Current Secret Security Clearance by Hire date
  • Flown the UH60 within the previous 12 months
  • Have a current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Class I or Class II Medical Certificate based upon FAA guidance
  • Have a current FAA Commercial Rotocraft Pilot Instrument Rating
  • Have at least 500 flight hours of experience as a turbine rotor-wing pilot/co-pilot.
  • Have at least 50 flight hours of experience using Night Vision Goggles (NVG).
  • Two (2) years of experience serving as a mission co-pilot
  • Experience flying Sikorsky helicopter variant H-60
  • Experience in performing Mission Task