Which Helo Type ??

Paul "Foo" Kennard

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Hmm, I 'chose' the Hawk T1 but sadly the RAF chose the Gazelle and Wessex for me! The Gazelle remains one of my favourite flying machines; a delightful confection of performance and simplicity.


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Pilots in Aus are telling me that potential employers look more favorably on you if you have more hours on type. For me, that's going to mean R22 and R44 time. Not sure how true that is, but it feels right to me. In addition, im tempted to look for schools which have the R44 cadet (just to show more hours on type).


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I learned to fly for the first time in Army flight school, primary training was at Fort Wolters TX, Class 69-13 orange hats and we learned on the Hughes TH13 (what is now called the Schweizer 300 )
Schweizer 300 on civ side, B206 with the military. The 300 is a good little helicopter for training, in my opinion the military should still be flying them (I am sure the Schweizer would like that too). In recent years its been more and more difficult to find certain parts for the A/C. Hope Schweizer RSG can bring the 300 and 333 back to life.
Private in an R-22 because I was working for a Robinson dealership and 300 for commercial. I found flying the 300 more enjoyable but loved learning in both.


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Bell 47, great helicopter. High interia rotor system so perfect for auto practice. Chinook Helicopters in Canada use them


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I did my training on the R22, and thought it was a good option because it was one of the cheaper ways to go (50k in CAD for the whole license). I thought it was practical because we use a lot of R44s for tourism in B.C. so it might help get a low timers foot in the door if they did the conversion
Commercial and CFI add on in a Bell47. Instrument and CFII add on in an R22. Loved the old Bell and thought it did a great job preparing me for the airframes I transitioned into soon after. So happy for the opportunity to learn in that and lucky to have had the chance to teach in it too.
H269 because out of the 2 schools I looked at, the school I chose only had this one.
Initial type doesn’t matter.
Did my last 20 hours in the R44 to satisfy requirements for a scenic job I was aiming for at the completion of my training.