Who Are We & Where Are We From ??


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Would be great to have all members here add a quick post about their role in this great industry. Take a few mins to tell us about you, what you do and where you do it.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Hi All, been in aviation since 1987, in 1995 I got my first type Bell 212, since then I have worked inn 53 different countries, been trained on several helicopters, last one was H175, did first factory course, was very much involved in the entry into service with Airbus, worked for Bristow intl, CHC intl ADA and NHV, now DOM for a company in Nigeria.
Morning folks, currently flying the B212 in the Canadian Arctic. VFR during the summer, NVFR 2-crew during the winter. Got my start in the bush world about 4 years ago with Canadian Helicopters, flying the AS350, then onto the 212 for the North Warning contract.
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Hi all, always had a passion for aviation as my dad has his fixed wing and chopper licence so I grew up in and around a lot of aircraft. Recently started my PPL for fixed wing and hope to eventually complete my helicopter PPL as well. Flying around the Southern Highlands in NSW Australia.


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I'm from Australia and dream about changing my career from Avionics Technician in the Air Force to a commercial heli pilot. Have dreamed about flying helicopters since I was a boy. Am quietly envious and in awe of every heli pilot i meet :) I've started my theory and plan on having the $80,000 i need for flight training saved by December next year. :D
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Started in 1969 Army helicopter flight class 69-13. Built one of the first Helicycle Turbine helicopters, built a Titan II fixedwing. Retired now in Henderson NV.
Hello! Got started and still with Army NG flying hawks, currently overseas. I do utility work in S70s and UH-60s on the civilian side. I have also done a little flight instruction in Schweitzer 300s.
I'm a published aviation photographer based out of Reno Nevada. I grew up with helicopters like the Nevada Army National Guard's CH-54, CH-47, and UH-60's. As well as the WCSO "Raven" units HH-1H and OH-58's. And I can't leave out Care Flights Alouette III, MD-900, and AS-350 B3's. If it flies, I love it... But, theres something special about rotary-wing aircraft!
I have always been interested in aviation and especially helicopters. I have no license myself - but had the great pleasure of flying with the Air Zermatt HB-ZVB rescue helo this summer in Switzerland.
Hi everyone,
I've been flying for a while now, while I'm still young I already got my fixed wing PPL and ATPL, and soon the CPL IR ME. I've always been wanting to fly Helos and have great interest in them but went the fixed wing route for money reasons, who know, maybe I'll soon jump into it?


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Hi! I’m from Canada, I’m a low time pilot and have been working in ground crew/hangar operations roles for about 5 years. I’m transitioning into a flying position on the 500 (!!!) with hopes of doing camp work on the west coast. I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s experiences!