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We would like to ask all members here to take a minute to add their two cents worth to this thread. Briefly explain what you do in the helicopter industry and where in the world you do what you do. Gives everyone an insight into the awesome people that make up this great industry.
Hi its Mike from Durban South Africa, I fly for a company that finds stolen and hijacked cars.
I also have a small side business where I manufacture flight suits and paramedic suits for anyone and everyone..
Vince from Milton Keynes, UK. Just a rotorcraft fan. Had some intro flights in an R22 and R44 at Cranfield in Bedfordshire, UK and a JetRanger pleasure flight over Orlando. Would love to volunteer as Ground Ops at a school when time allows in the future.
Hi all,
Steve from Australia.
Atpl (h) S92 / AW139 Touring offshore pilot. 24 years in the industry and from a GA background.

Looking forward to the forum and discussions, well done Ned.
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Greetings all,
Firstly thanks to Ned and all involved. Look forward to some good discussions on here.
Me - ex SA Air Force (Fixed and Rotary) and SA Police (Rotary) pilot. Types flown: Harvard, Aermacchi MB326, Aermacchi AM.3, Alo III, SA330 Puma, BO105, R22 and Mi-8. Lincenses held prior to loss of flying medical in '97: SA CPL and FAA CPL (H). Following loss of medical: Safety and Quality Manager for various Companies in SA. Moved to NZ in Dec 2014 to take up role of Flight Operations Safety and Quality Manager at HNZ.
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Shane from South Africa. Work on & hoist out of an EC145 in the mother city of Cape Town doing ship service, HEMS & rescue between maintenance & operations. Thanks for the add Ned & for the new forum!
Hello All - Nick Cushing from United Kingdom. NIC Aviation Ltd
My Company is based on nearly 40 years of fixed and rotary wing engineering experience – including Military, Corporate/VIP, Offshore Oil and Gas, Police, Air Ambulance and Aerial work operations. https://nicaviation.wordpress.com/
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Steve K. Here from southeast Washington state. Helicopter pilot (CFI) and semi truck driver. Been flying off and on since 2005 with about 1350hrs tt now. Took a leave of absence from flying to spend more time with my family so I'm driving trucks locally right now. As soon as my youngest son graduates from high school I will be back to flying. Most of my time is in R22 but have a few hundred in SH-3h, S61, and then 500 series and jetrangers as well.
Lawrence S. here from Connecticut. Expatriate Australian working at Kaman Aerospace building the mighty K-Max and supporting the SH2G Seasprite for four foreign navies. My specialty is integrated logistics support which includes producing the full suite of manuals and training for both aircraft types.
Hi everyone,
I'm lead engineer and technical director for a company in the French Alps, mainly operating AS350B3 for aerial works and a Cabri for our pilot training school. We are also MRO for French military forces, mainly AS555 and SA365, on top of our fleet maintenance.
Heliops is really a great press, I'm sure the forum will find great people too!


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Hi everybody,
Name's Igor, from Moscow, Russia. I'm PR director for annual HeliRussia expo and also I'm involved with Helicopter Industry Association (unites regional companies involved in helicopter buisiness). Previously I've been in Russian Helicopters also in PR.
Glad to be here.
Hi all from tropicopter. Born in UK, worked all over the world after leaving the Royal Marines, but mostly around Africa for the last 39 years. Flew 20+ helicopter types for around 45 years then became head of training and standards for West Africa for Bristow until I was made redundant. I spent my last couple of years working in East Africa in safety and data monitoring. Now I wander between UK and Africa, play with my drone, take a few photos and hope that the boom years in aviation will return for all the young guys struggling to get ahead now.
Firstly - Ned; Thank you! This is excellent.

I am a career change late entry pilot and now an instructor. GA sector but also look after the odd military pilot who is wanting to either keep current or need flight time when their airframe is grounded for safety!
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Thanks Ned! I look forward to these forum discussions.

I'm a fairly young AME-E from Alberta, Canada. Got my first gig as a technician pulling wire and wrenching on the RCAF CC-130 Hercules for a civilian contractor in the early 2000's. Since then I've evolved to commercial rotary wing maintenance and Avionics maintenance for Canada's largest operator; Canadian Helicopters. It's been 15yrs+ so far and I hope to meet and learn from all of you. If anyone has curiosities about all the electrons, smoke and PFM that goes on in our machines, I'd happily share my experiences!

Cheers all, and nice to meet you.