Who Are We & Where Are We From


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Greetings everyone!

Gene Bishop from Birmingham, Alabama, USA here. I am currently flying an AS350FX2 and a Gulfstream G-IVSP for a private corporation. I am also a former HEMS and military pilot.

I’m happy to answer any questions and help people to find the right career path for their needs.

A big thank you to Ned and his team for this wonderful forum! I look forward to being an active member of the community.

Blue Skies,

Howdy y'all,
David from Texas. Currently a Director of Maintenance and a Pilot on a Challenger 605. Previously a maintenance technician on a wide variety of GA aircraft both fixed and rotor wing.


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Hello, I'm Brad. I do a variety of work all around the globe in Skycranes with Erickson. Mostly construction with some fire fighting and logging in the past. It's very rewarding and satisfying! Nice to be here on the forum

Paul "Foo" Kennard

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Paul "Foo" Kennard, ex-RAF CH47 pilot, QHTI, EWI and OT&E Pilot. Regular contributor to the magazines. I'd ask all of you to engage on here - I'm deliberately provocative sometimes to elicit a reaction. If there's anything you think we're missing in terms of story and content then please let us know! Look forward to chatting through the things that concern us…..
Hello im Stian. A H125 pilot from Norway doing mostly aerial work which i really enjoy. I've only been in this game for 5 years, but lucky enough to have flown the 125 from the start.


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Hello all!

It is awesome to see so many professional from all over the world! Ned and everyone else involved with setting this up, thank you so much.

I am Blaine from St George, Utah. Currently working HEMS in Kansas flying a 206L3. Most of my time is in MD500’s so flying hydraulics again and from the right seat is a bit interesting.
Hi - Scott McKenzie - Raised around aviation, civil/military RW & FW pilot. IFR, NVG, SAR, SpecOps, longline, human-sling, winch, seismic, drill moves, display pilot. Flown in NZ, Canada and South Pacific. Chairman of the NZ Helicopter Association which advocates for the NZ Helicopter industry (part of Aviation NZ), CEO Pappus Consulting, HeliOps Magazine contributor.
Members, hello from "cool" Arizona, USA. I'm Chris, long time rotary pic fan of Ned's. Recently retired military, former US Navy SH-60F/HH-60H aircrewman, US Army UH-60A/L driver (99% medevac). Flying welded wings now, but looking for that dream job of having both fixed and rotary on the ramp.
Hi guys!
It's a great pleasure to be here with all of you.
I'm from Brazil. Born in Rio but now living in São Paulo.
At present, just joined CAE South America as a S76 C+/C++ TRI/SFI.
Previously had some hours flying over Egypt and working with AW139 Simulator in UAE.
A couple of years ago I had the challenge of introducing AW139 operations in Brazil's oil and gas offshore market. Was also TRI/SFI and TRE/SFE for this model and for Dauphins.
At that time, we, unfortunately, had an accident with one of our 139s and I was appointed as a technical advisor for that investigation, attending on the CVFDR opening at NTSB, which was a fantastic experience.
So, it's really nice to be with all of you and I would be very happy to contribute.
If I can help in anything just drop me a line.

Congrats, Ned! Absolutely cool initiative!

Hi all,

Stevenfrom Chicago. Prior USAF H60 Engineer, hoist operator. Not currently in the industry, since separating from mil service in 2017. Looking to network and find open engineer/hoist operator/backender job openings.

Thanks for the ad Ned. Looking forward to interactingon the site, all.