Who We Are & What Do We Do with the MD500 ??


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Take a minute to tell us what you do with with MD500 and Where you operate. It allows members to get to know the people behind the user names and adds a bit more to the forum.


I am a Mechanic at Bell working on AH-1Z Cobras but have always had a thing for the 500 series and have on rare occasions gotten to work on one.
Since 2004 I have owned & operated a part 91 MD500 shop in the Washington DC area specializing in aerial photography, videography, flight instruction, frost prevention, and other general utility missions. A/C is a 1975 369HS, N9233F.



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Sadly, I dont work on helicopters :( I work on fighter jets instead. Hope to start my CPL training next year when Ive got all the money saved. Would love a calendar to keep me inspired. The MD500 is on my bucketlist to fly one day :-D

I previously worked for MD Helicopters as a Technical Publications Specialist. Before that, I was a UH-60 DUSTOFF crew chief for the United States Army.


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Unfortunately I never got the chance to fly in a 500 (not even as a passenger) yet, but it's still one of my favourite helo types. At least I can watch some of them fertilizing fields or liming forests in our area (Eastern Germany) from time to time. It's allways fun watching them!


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I spent 8 months working on a tuna boat flying an old OH6. This was my first helicopter job and was a good experience. I miss that chopper!
I have been flying 500 series aircraft from the OH-6A to the A/MH-6M since 1988 and currently work at MD Helicopters and love this aircraft!
Used to work on Hueys and Cobras, flew a 500D a few times and fell in love with it. Now I'm unfortunately stuck on the fixed wing side, working on KC-10's.
I fly a 500E and 520N for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. We have internal fish tanks to stock mountain lakes inaccessible by vehicle. We also do animal telemetry and survey flights.