Your 1st helicopter flight

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When was your first helicopter flight? How long and what did you fly on? For me it was July 2003 on Whistler Mountain in BC Canada. Took a ten minute ride over to Blackcomb Mt and back. I believe it was a Bell Helicopter model with seating for four. I sat in the back and enjoyed the view of the majestic mountains around us on the chopper.
So what's your first ride?
Mine was somewhere in the late 60's... I was a warrant officer in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets in Edmonton... we had a chance to fly with 408 Sqdn who at the time, flew Kiowas and Twin Hueys.... I remember it was snowing and the vis sucked.... we got in 1 circuit in the Kiowa and that was it... we had to shut down flights ops... while it was not a long flight in the Kiowa, it was etched in my mind forever...
My first ride as a passenger was 15 years ago in a Bell 206 on the Alps in Italy... My first flight as a pilot when I was 22 always in Italy in a Robinson R22 yellow... Both amazing experiences I will never forget!


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Mine was in 1972 in a Bell 206 with the late Bill Black in the south of NZ.I was 12 yo at the time and it set the path of my adult life.Started learning in a FW at Marlborough Aero club in NZ in 1977 and got my cpl A in 81.Went rotary in 82 and are still flying helicopters for a living in 2020 at 60 .Been a great ride mostly and enjoy my flying still.Lot of changes over that time and sadly many friends lost.Biggest innovations-1 ,the arrival of GPS and the second- NVG for the night work.