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Hi, I am Hugo Visser from South Africa Benoni. Own Petit aerodrome FARA, ex SAA AME, worked on HS 748, B 7372, B 727, A 300 JT 8 and CF 6-50. Fly recreational Started with Alouette II, now Alouette III, own 3 of them. Fixed wing c 172/182 RV 7 and a few other small aircraft. Just emigrated to New Zealand, current LAME on Alouette III and busy doing ppl exams and AME exams for New Zealand. stay just outside Whakatane
I`m a new member, formerly an A&P helicopter field mechanic, with ERA out of Fairbanks, and Anchorage Helicopter Service, working on a varety of helos on the 2019 calender, on the Alaska pipeline construction, forest fire fighting, geological exploration and many other assignments. also, I was with Rocky Mountain Helicopters out of Provo, working in 6 western states. Previously in USAF, and Wien Air Alaska.
Thanks for the invite Ned and wishing success to the new forum now Fly Africa has gone
The Admin
The Admin
Always happy to help. Have had some amazing times with some of the operators in Africa over the decades so if this little bit helps give them a home away from home then all good. Feel free to invite everyone you can to the new forum.